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Magic Mushroom Microdose Free Shipping Canada
BY Happy Fungus

BY Happy Fungus

Happy Fungus is a natural psychedelic wellness company from Nova Scotia, Canada, EST 2018. We are focused on the benefits that magic mushrooms have on mental health. Our life purpose / mission is to provide everyone with affordable, easy access to the natural psychedelic & plant medicines that saved our lives. We’re here to help you.

Free Shipping on all capsule packs!

As of April 11th, 2022 we provide free shipping to all of Canada for our capsule packs. This includes our MacroCaps, Microdose capsules and special blends!

These items are small enough for us to send for about 2 dollars and we want to make sure as many people as possible can get them so we decided to no longer charge for shipping.

You can order as many packs as you want, they may be shipped in separate packages but they will all be shipped free!

Our other products can be shipped for $10, or $20 depending on 2 day or 5 day shipping.

Keep on being awesome!
Love, Happy Fungus
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