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5 gram golden teacher shroom bar canada
BY Happy Fungus

BY Happy Fungus

Happy Fungus is a natural mental wellness company from Nova Scotia, Canada, EST 2018. We are focused on the benefits that psilocybin mushrooms & plant medicines have on mental health. Our life purpose / mission is to provide everyone with affordable, easy access to the natural mushroom & plant medicines that saved our lives.

Golden Ticket Contest!

rice crispy vegan shroom bars

We were watching one of our favorite movies last week, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and thought… We also make bars, are almost as weird as Willy and love giveaways so let’s make Golden Tickets of our own and have a sale while we’re at it! Huzzah!

So we made fifty 5 gram Golden Teacher Rice Crispy bars (a best seller for good reason) and put 3 Golden Tickets in random bar boxes, we shuffled the bars and have absolutely no idea which bars have the Golden Tickets.

These 5 gram vegan shroom bars are only 30 friggin bucks each and you have a chance at getting 1 of 3 Golden Tickets with every purchase.

Golden Tickets are good for $100 worth of Happy Fungus products! The odds if getting a ticket are pretty good, the bars are awesome and you can’t find a better price so get one or more quick before they’re gone! (They will be gone fast!!)

Halloween is right around the corner, enjoy some adult chocolate with friends and loved ones!



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