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Psilocybin partnership options for mental health practitioners and dispensaries.

Partnership options for dispensaries & mental health practitioners in Canada.

Do you own a natural health food store? Are you a mental health practitioner? Do you operate a dispensary? If so, let's work together!

If you are a mental health practitioner, own a natural health product/food store or run a reputable brick-and-mortar and/or online cannabis or mushroom dispensary and would like to offer high-quality mushroom products to your clients, we are now taking on partners.

Our bulk pricing is profitable and we have been at this for many years. We are looking to establish long-term relations with health care professionals and dispensaries throughout Canada.

From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, we can keep you stocked with high-quality mushrooms, edibles & microdose capsules. Our brand or white label.

Let’s help heal the world, together!

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